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Matsusaka Beef

In the Matsusaka region, before the age of agricultural mechanization, cattle born in Tajima, (Hyogo Prefecture) an area known for the quality of its cattle, and then raised for a year in Kishu (Wakayama Prefecture), were favored and purchased as draft cattle. After three to four years of being used on the farm, they grew magnificently and became known as "fatty cattle." They were marketed around the time of the Russo-Japanese War as high quality beef cattle. From then on, with the efforts of feeding farms and other related parties, cattle from the Matsusaka area gradually gained recognition, and in 1935, achieved the highest honor at the National Beef Cattle Livestock Exhibition held at Tokyo Shibaura Market, making Matsusaka beef known nationally as the highest grade of beef. Matsusaka beef has become almost a cultural artifact, and is supported by the feeding farms in the Matsusaka region. At present, the best calves from around the country are carefully selected, and during a period of three years on average, each one is unstintingly cared for. The Matsusaka beef brand is created through sustained effort, maintaining the tradition. The cattle are lovingly cared for and given a food mixture that includes rice straw, bran, soybean meal and barley, and their health condition is monitored. They are also given beer to stimulate the appetite, and are massaged with shochu. Matsusaka beef is recognized as Japan's best, owing to its innate qualities and meticulously managed breeding in a region of natural abundance. The superb taste is recognized not only in Japan, but throughout the world.

Certified Producers

Matsusaka Cattle Council

  Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Division,
Matsusaka City Office, 1340-1 Tono-machi,
Matsusaka City

Wadakin Ltd.

  1878 Nakamachi, Matsusaka City